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By January 8, 2018Case Studies

My story started when I noticed I couldn’t see out the side of my left eye!

I regularly go to the opticians and had a photo of the back of my eye in April 2016 which was all clear but when I was sent for an urgent appointment on Monday 3rd of October 2016 there was a mass, and my whole world turned upside down when I heard the word cancer.

By Thursday I was having CT and PET scans to make sure it hadn’t spread and on Friday 7th October 2016 I was having plaque treatment at moorefield hospital.

I was in for 5 days and it still doesn’t seem real.

I have had regular appointments to check my Tumour and am lucky to say that at the moment it is reducing and doing everything the doctors want it to do.

I have 3 monthly scans alternating between ultrasound and MRI on my liver (as this is the prime site for it to metastasis) and I would love to say that a year in it gets easier but the stress leading up to each one isn’t easy (scanxiety some will call it)

I have had a few rare complications where I am now on steroids of posterior scleritis which has set me back but I am reducing them slowly and hoping to get off them this year!

Ocumel was the first charity I found when I googled on the second day of my prognosis and when I called in blind panic they helped me understand and answer questions that other doctors couldn’t, the group that is set up is amazing and I find them all individually lovely people that you can message and ask anything and not feel silly or alone.  We have lost some great people along my journey with this disease so far and I just hope that with more awareness and hopefully more funding we can get more research and understanding of this disease.

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